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Redy 4 Love

Two neighbors meet under unpleasant circumstances in the stairway of their building. Can love replace the sounds of war?

Cast: Yaniv Rozenblat, Gily Itskovitch, Or Asher.

Romance / Comedy

Israel / 2019 / 4 min.


Michael, a guardian angel, discovers in next week's newspaper that the human whom he guards, Jennifer, is going to commit suicide. He decides to embark on a journey to change the destiny. How far will he go and will he defy God's direct order?

Bravery (Gvurot)

A secret that has been kept for 70 years, could redefine the broken relationship between a son and his mother.

Cast: Ayala Shiftan, Chen Givaty, Maya Simchiת Reshef Sefer, David Netzer.

Action / Historical / Romance / Drama

Israel / 2017 / 78 min.


Omer is providing for his mother and sister by taking part in an Underground club which organizes fights. While becoming a promising fighter, he finds out that everything comes at a cost

Cast: Amit Ruderman, Ido Shavit, Raphael Weinstock, Orna Katz, Josh Sagie, Meir Toledano, Yevgeny Orlov.

Action / Drama

Israel / 2015 / 22 min.


Terrorist or a hero? a mysterious individual finds himself under interrogation by The Mossad

Cast: Amit Ruderman, Roni Weissman, Ofir Kudlash.

Action / Sci-fi

Israel / 2016 / 5 min.


An urban environment introduces two individuals with a mysterious past. Is there a room for an ideal relationship or a destructive one?

Cast: Mor Cohen, Avri Arbel, Netan-El Levy

Thriller / Drama

Israel / 2012 / 16 min.

Where is Alice?

A private-eye takes on a case that could determine a life or death situation

Cast: Omer Meshel, Daphna Levanon, Itay Nahmias, Aviad Shai, Maxim Levinsky

Fantasy / Sci-fi / Film noir

Israel / 2011 / 8 min.

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